Unleash a Beautiful Smile With Aligners or Fastbraces

Just because you need orthodontic treatment, doesn’t mean you need to spend long months in braces. If you’re an adult who never got the opportunity for orthodontics when you were younger, you’ll welcome the chance to straighten your teeth quickly and more discreetly. Teens also love our fast orthodontic options. With our treatment, they can complete their care in less time and get on with being a teenager.

Our team will help you decide on the treatment that’s right for your situation. We offer two types of short-term orthodontic care:

  • SureSmile® Clear Aligners – With SureSmile treatment, you’ll wear comfortable, clear teeth aligners. These function in a similar way to Invisalign. The aligners will gently move your crooked teeth into their ideal positions. Many SureSmile patients complete their care in as few as 12 months.
  • Fastbraces – You could complete your Fastbraces treatment in as few as 60 to 90 days. The secret to its speed lies in its approach. Fastbraces uses a special wire and triangular brackets to simultaneously straighten both the crowns and roots of your teeth.

Begin Your Journey to a More Even Smile

SureSmile clear aligners and Fastbraces aren’t the solution for everyone’s orthodontic issues. Fortunately, it’s easy to find out if they are a good fit for you. If neither approach is right for you, Dr. Despain can place traditional metal braces or clear ceramic braces.

Here is what you can expect from your short-term orthodontic treatment process:

  • To start, Dr. Despain will determine if you are a good candidate for these fast orthodontic options. He’ll take panoramic X-rays and digital scans to have a complete view of your teeth. Then, if you are a candidate, he’ll design a treatment plan using 3-D scans of your teeth.
  • If you are pursuing clear aligners, your dentist will send the information to SureSmile so they can manufacture your aligners. You’ll pick up your aligners at our office when they are ready. You’ll wear them for about 20 to 22 hours a day, changing to a new set every two or three weeks.
  • If you are pursuing Fastbraces, he will place the triangle brackets and square wires on your teeth. This unique design is part of what makes Fastbraces such an advanced option.
  • You will need to return to our office for periodic checkups. SureSmile will not require any adjustments, although Dr. Despain will check your progress. For Fastbraces, your dentist will need to make adjustments.
  • For Fastbraces, in only months, you’ll return to our office to get your braces removed. For the clear aligners, you will complete treatment in about 12 months. For both options, we’ll give you a retainer that you’ll wear to keep your teeth in their proper position.

Whether you are an older teen wanting to avoid metal braces or an adult who never had the chance to fix their teeth, we have a solution for everyone. We’ve seen patients in their 50s, 60s, and 70s have successful treatment!

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