Perfect teeth in a day may seem like an unattainable dream. But that dream can become a reality with same-day dental veneers from Skyview Dental!

Most dentists prepare your teeth for veneers, then give you temporaries to wear while you wait two weeks – or more – for them to be made at an outside lab. Chances are, you’ll worry the whole time about the temporaries coming off or your smile looking funny.

We use CEREC technology at our Moses Lake, WA office. As you’ll hear Dr. Despain explain, this means you can walk out with your gorgeous new smile in just a few hours. During that time, we’ll use CEREC to design and create your veneers and securely attach them to your teeth. You no longer have to wait to start showing off your smile!

To get same-day dental veneers, call Skyview Dental at 509-707-8696.