You may not think of dental appointments as being convenient – but maybe it’s because you’ve been going to the wrong dentist! At Skyview Dental, we streamline dental care. With a combination of leading-edge technology and an experienced team, you’ll likely be amazed at how we’ve managed to shorten the time needed for many treatments.

If you’d like to come check out our state-of-the-art office and learn more about what we’re about, call us today at 509-707-8696. We welcome new patients of all ages! In the meantime, check out some of our streamlined services:

  • Same-Day Crowns – At most dental offices, getting a crown takes two trips. Your dentist prepares your tooth for the crown, then gives you an awkward temporary to wear. Then you wait – usually a week or more – for your crown to be made at an outside lab. You’ll return to have it placed. Hopefully it won’t need any adjustments – because that means it may need to go back to the lab. At Skyview Dental, you’ll get your beautiful new crown in a single visit. That’s because we’ve invested in CEREC technology that allows us to design, create, and place your crown in one appointment. If your crown needs any adjustments, we’ll make them right then and there.
  • Same-Day Veneers – CEREC also allows you to get gorgeous veneers in just one appointment. Like crowns, we design and create them right in our office instead of outsourcing them to an outside lab. There’s no need for temporaries, and you’ll start enjoying your fabulous new smile right away!
  • Mini Dental Implants – While not everyone is a candidate for mini dental implants, they work well for certain applications. They can be placed more quickly than full-size implants and usually restored with replacement teeth during that same visit. You’ll heal more quickly, so you’ll be ready to begin using your new teeth in no time.
  • SureSmile Orthodontics – Metal braces typically do a great job of straightening teeth. But the process usually takes at least two years. In contrast, most patients complete their treatment with SureSmile in 12 to 18 months. Even better, the clear aligners are an almost invisible alternative to metal braces.
  • Rotary Root Canals – If there’s any dental procedure you’d like to complete in less time, it’s a root canal. Instead of using files to remove infected pulp from your tooth, Dr. Despain uses rotary equipment powered by an electric motor. This makes the whole process go more quickly and smoothly. The rotary equipment makes less noise, too.

Want to streamline dental care? Call Call Skyview Dental at 509-707-8696 to visit our Moses Lake, WA office.