Most people know the importance of brushing and flossing daily. It is part of what keeps your mouth healthy andyour smile beautiful. Plus, your entire body benefits from good oral health. However, there are some mistakes you could be making with your oral care routine you should avoid. We wanted to review those bad habits with you today:

  • Skipping your brushing or flossing routine

A recent study showed about 70 percent of adults brush twice a day. Flossing on the other hand is a different story. Only 41 percent of Americans floss daily. So, if you skipped a brushing or flossing session you aren’t alone. You just don’t want to make it a habit. Your teeth accumulate plaque that you need to remove to avoid cavities and other oral health issues. Both flossing and brushing need to be part of your regular oral care habits.

  • Not brushing long enough

The American Dental Association recommends you brush for at least two minutes daily twice a day. However, the average time people actually spend brushing their teeth is only about 30 seconds. That’s far too short to keep your smile healthy. So, if you struggle with the length of time to brush your teeth, consider getting an electric toothbrush that comes with a timer. Or, if you want to make it fun, play a song that lasts about two minutes.

  • Not replacing your toothbrush

Your toothbrush is one of the most important oral care supplies. That’s why you need to replace it often! Over time, the bristles can become flattened, rough, or matted down. It also accumulates bacteria. You should replace your toothbrush every three to four months or sooner if you notice it becoming worn down. 

  • Brushing too hard

While brushing is essential, you don’t want to brush too hard or scrape the brush across your teeth back and forth. Doing so can damage your tooth enamel. Instead, make gentle circular motions with your toothbrush angled towards your gumline. Also, your toothbrush shouldn’t be hard-bristled. Choose a soft bristle toothbrush to give your teeth the most gentle but thorough cleaning.

  • Ignoring dental pain

If you notice bleeding when you brush and floss, or pain when you bite down or chew, or sensitivity to hold and cold, it’s time to see the dentist. You don’t want to ignore discomfort as it could lead to a dental emergency. However, you don’t want to wait to visit the dentist until you are in pain. Seeing us every six months for a cleaning and exam will help you stay on top of issues before they become problematic.

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