Boost your self-confidence by creating the smile that you have dreamed of having. Make a change by coming to our office for SureSmile® invisible braces.

In Moses Lake, WA, come to Skyview Dental for orthodontic treatment. Call 509-707-8696 to get started on your new smile. Keep reading to learn why.

1. Be Discreet

SureSmile does not use brackets and wires. Instead, you receive a custom-made set of clear aligners. When they are placed over your teeth, they seem to disappear. Most people won’t realize you are wearing anything unless you tell them.

2. Choose Convenient Care

Aligners make your treatment simpler, too. You can remove them during meals, which means you can continue eating what you like throughout your orthodontic treatment. You can also remove your aligners during your daily brushing and flossing.

3. Get the Results You Want

The most important thing is that SureSmile® works. We have seen over and over how well invisible braces work. Use them to reach your smile goals.

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